Safety & Security

Get there safely. 

Let's work together to make Metro a safe and enjoyable trip! 

We take every precaution to assure your safety, but we need you to be a partner in keeping Metro safe and secure.  Visit the tabs below to learn more about Metro's Safety and Security Programs, as well as how you can help ensure a safe ride for yourself and others. Or, download Metro's Safety and Security brochure for a printable version. 
Respect the Ride Safety Logo
  1. Metro Manners
  2. See Something Say Something
  3. Ride Safely
  4. Traveling with Children
  5. Be Vigilant
  6. Our Dedicated Deputies
  7. Emergency Action Plan

Metro Manners 

We appreciate your help in refraining from the following activities: 
  • Eating or drinking of any kind
  • Smoking of any kind
  • Drugs or open alcoholic containers/beverages
  • Defacing, damaging or destruction of property, including littering, marking, etching, graffiti, etc. 
  • Carrying weapons, flammable or explosive materials
  • Harassment of any kind - including any unwanted or persistent attention that is physical, violent, or threatening in nature
  • Solicitation, gambling, loitering, peddling, panhandling, performing ceremonies, making speeches or orations
  • Profanity, cussing, or inappropriate topics of conversation
  • Activities that would negatively impact the health or safety of other passengers or the driver
  • Items, odors, or activities/conditions that post a safety and health hazard to others
  • Lying down on seats and benches, at stations, stops, or in vehciles
  • Non-compliance with bus driver instructions
  • Committing activities that violate federal, state, or local statutes or ordinances
  • Boarding a bus or facility while not properly clothed, including footwear
Violation of the above may result in being asked to leave the vehicle or facility immediately. Law enforcement officers can cite many violations that may include fines, arrest, and further exclusions from riding Metro. If you have been banned from riding Metro and wish to appeal, please see Metro's Ban Notice Procedure.