ADA Paratransit

The Metro fixed-route system is entirely accessible to individuals with disabilities. All Metro fixed-route buses are equipped with ramps and can accommodate wheelchairs. Fixed-route service is Metro’s least expensive form of travel and offers riders the freedom to travel without having to schedule in advance. However, MetroLINK understands that some individuals may be functionally unable to use fixed-route services due to a physical, cognitive, or visual disability. In these cases, riders may be eligible for paratransit service.


ADA paratransit eligibility is based not just on the presence of a disability, but on the effect that the disability has on the person’s ability to use the fixed route service. The applicant's physical and mental abilities in relation to getting on and off a bus, riding the bus, and traveling to or from a bus stop will be considered when determining eligibility for paratransit services.

Paratransit eligibility is defined in three categories:
  1. Unconditional: This category applies to those individuals who are seeking status as paratransit eligible for every trip. Individuals seeking this category need to be as specific as possible when stating why they cannot use fixed route service for any trip.
  2. Conditional: This category applies to those individuals for whom an impairment related condition or an environmental barrier exists. Conditional eligibility will be determined on a trip-by-trip basis. To determine whether an individual is eligible or not, each day's environmental conditions, trip origin and destination, and how they interact with the individual's disability will all be considered.
  3. Temporary: This category applies to those individuals who are seeking short-term status as paratransit eligible. This finding is for 6 months.
Riders may download an electronic copy of the Paratransit Eligibility Certification Form.

Additionally, paper forms in large print, in Spanish, in Braille, and on audio tape are available at:

MetroLINK Administrative Office
1515 River Drive, Second Floor
Moline, Illinois, 61265

Questions concerning eligibility can be addressed by calling 309-788-3360, ext. 314.

Service & Scheduling

Paratransit service is a curb-to-curb shared-ride service for individuals who cannot independently use the Metro system, and is limited to trips within ¾ of a mile from fixed-routes. Trips must be scheduled in advance, and are available during the hours referenced below. For ride scheduling information, call (309)786-8397 or (309)788-3360 extension 240, 242, or 243.  

ADA Paratransit Service Days & Hours

Service Days Service Hours
Monday-Friday 5:00 am - 9:45 pm
Saturday 6:00 am - 6:30 pm 
Sunday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
One-way fares for paratransit services are $2. Personal Care Attendants may ride for free. Guests are required to pay a $2 fare for each one-way trip.