Metro Reduced Fares

Honored Citizen

As an honored citizen, you pay half of the regular $1.00 adult cash fare and can purchase ticket books and punch passes at half price. As noted below, proof of eligibility is required upon boarding in order to receive the $.50 half fare. Visit the Terminal Locations page to learn more about Centre Station, the Metro passenger facility that issues Reduced Fare Cards. 

Seniors Age 60+

If you are age 60 or older, you are eligible to use Honored Citizen half fares. Upon boarding, be prepared to show either your government-issued photo ID (with proof of age) or your Metro Reduced Fare Card. You can fill out a Reduced Fare Card application at Centre Station, so we may issue your card right away.  You must bring a valid proof of age document (example: driver’s license, state-issued ID card) with you when you apply.

Individuals with Disabilities

If you are entitled to Social Security or SSI Disability Benefits, you qualify for Honored Citizen half fares. You must complete a Reduced Fare application at Centre Station. Please bring a copy of your Medicare card or a current document from the Social Security Administration Office that verifies your disability benefits and a valid photo ID.

If you have a disability but are not using State assistance, you may still qualify for the Honored Citizen half fare. Please bring a signed document by your physician indicating your disability and referral to use public transit when you apply for a Reduced Fare Card at Centre Station. A valid Photo ID will also be required. 

Veteran with 100% Service-Related Disability

If you are a veteran with 100% service-related disability, you qualify for the Honored Citizen half fare. You can complete a Reduced Fare Card Application at Centre Station. You may submit a letter from the Veteran’s Administration (VA) as proof of your disability as well as a valid photo ID. You must fill out a Reduced Fare application located at Centre Station, so that we may issue you a Reduced Fare ID Card for Metro use.

Illinois Benefit Access Program

This program offers seniors age 65+ and individuals with disabilities who meet certain income limits and are enrolled in the Illinois Benefit Access Program, free rides statewide on all fixed route public transit systems. Apply online at or call 1-800-252-8966, or 711 (TRS). You must complete a Metro Benefit Access ID application at Centre Station. Please bring a valid photo ID and proof of Benefit Access enrollment or a postcard from the Illinois Department on Aging verifying your enrollment in the program. The Benefit Access eligibility and the Metro Benefit Access ID must be renewed every two years. 

Illinois Benefit Access Program Information

Veterans Accessibility Program

If you are a Veteran, you are qualified for free rides on Metro's fixed-route system. You must complete an application at Centre Station and provide one of the following documents: a) State of Illinois or Iowa issued driver's license carrying an official "Veteran" designation; b) Military Retirement Card with a photo; c) VA Medical ID card; or d) combination of a DD214 and valid State of Illinois or Iowa ID or Driver's License. The Veterans Accessibility Program eligibility and ID must be renewed every three years.