Bettendorf Transit Reduced Fares

Honored Citizen
As an honored citizen, you pay half of the regular $1.00 adult cash fare and can purchase ticket books and punch passes at half price. As noted below, proof of eligibility is required upon boarding in order to receive the $.50 half fare. 

​Seniors Age 60+ 
If you are age 60 or older, you are eligible to use Honored Citizen half fares. Upon boarding, be prepared to show either your government-issued photo ID for proof of eligibility.  Riders may also show a Medicare card for proof of eligibility. 

Individuals with Disabilities
Individuals with disabilities qualify for Honored Citizen half fares. Upon boarding, riders must show a Medicare card as proof of eligibility for the half fare. 

College and University Students
College and University students are eligible to ride Bettendorf Transit for half fare ($0.50). Riders must show a valid student ID upon boarding as proof of eligibility.