How to Ride

New Rider Tips
Are you new to riding Metro? Below are tips to help ensure your first ride is enjoyable. 
  • You may board a Metro bus at any safe street corner along its scheduled route, not in the middle of the block. When you see your bus, wave to the operator to let them know you need a ride.
  • While Metro operators make every effort to operate on schedule, please remember that traffic and other factors may affect arrival times. To ensure that you catch your bus, make sure you arrive at your stop a few minutes before it’s scheduled to depart.
  • Once the bus has come to a stop and the door opens, step on. The operator will kneel the bus or extend the ramp upon request if you need help boarding the bus.
  • Please have the exact fare, ticket, or pass ready when boarding. Operators CANNOT make change. If you need to transfer to another route to complete your trip, please ask for a transfer when you pay your fare. Please let the operator know the route you’re transferring to and where that transfer will be made, so that he or she can contact your connecting bus and inform the other operator.
  • After paying your fare, please sit in the first available seat, keeping in mind that the first few seats may be reserved for those with special needs and seniors.
  • When you’re about half a block from your destination, pull the yellow cord that runs along the window to request a stop. As soon as it is safe, the operator will stop the bus and open the doors.
  • Please use the rear door to exit the bus. When exiting the bus, watch for traffic and use caution. Never walk in front of the bus.
Interior Bus Photo
Downtown Moline Photo

Rider Etiquette

Follow these guidelines to make Metro comfortable for you and fellow passengers: 

  • When boarding, always let riders inside exit before attempting to enter the bus. Stand to the right of the doors to make room for riders exiting.
  • Priority seating is located near the front doors and is indicated by a sign. These seats are reserved for individuals with disabilities and seniors.
  • Refrain from loud music and the use of profanity. Listen to music with ear buds or headphones.
  • Be courteous of other riders and keep cell phone conversations brief.
  • Be respectful to your operator. He or she is working to get you to work on time, but also safely.
  • Don’t use multiple seats for bags or reclining. Be considerate of other passengers who may be looking for a seat.
  • Refrain from eating on Metro buses.
  • No motor-powered bicycles or skateboards of any kind are permitted on Metro buses.
  • Remember that smoking of any kind is prohibited on Metro buses and in Metro facilities. 
  • For evening trips, wear reflective or light-colored clothing to help the Metro operator and other drivers be able to see you.
  • Always cross behind the bus, unless it is stopped at a red light and a crosswalk is available. Be sure to follow traffic signals.
  • Please only ride to your destination. Do not ride just to ride
  • Relax and enjoy the ride!