Economic Impact

We're Going & Growing Places 

Public transit organizations significantly impact their local economy. Through operations and capital investments, MetroLINK supports the economy of the Quad Cities by creating jobs, contributing household earnings, and generating sales revenue. MetroLINK's capital and infrastructure investment has surpassed $60 million over the past 5 years. 

According to the American Public Transportation Association, for every $1 dollar invested in public transportation, $4 dollars are generated in economic return. Public financial support for public transportation returns the added benefits back to the community. With over 50,000 jobs and 100,000 people living within a 1/4 mile of Metro's fixed routes, MetroLINK is ready for continued growth and future investment. 

View the 2018 report and brochure below to learn more about MetroLINK "Going & Growing Places" in the Quad Cities.

2018 Economic Impact Report 

2018 Economic Impact Brochure