MicroTransit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on using Milan Microtransit

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What is Microtransit?

Microtransit gives you the freedom and flexibility to move through your day according to your schedule, with on-demand convenience. Available within the shaded service area, Microtransit gets you where you need to go, all with the click of a button.

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How do I book a ride? 

First, download the Microtransit app and create an account. Tap “Book a Ride.” Then, select your number of passengers and if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Tap “Request Ride” when ready. Confirm your pick-up location and select your drop-off location, then choose your pick-up time. A “micro” bus will pick you up and drop you off at your destination. Along the way, the vehicle may pick up other passengers who request a ride. 

You can also book a ride by calling (309)788-3360.

Do I need the Microtransit App to ride Microtransit?

Riders are able to request a ride on a desktop computer or by phone call to Metro’s Customer Service at (309)788-3360.

Is the TransLOC Microtransit app the same as TransLOC Rider?

The TransLOC Microtransit app is a completely separate app that may be downloaded at Google Play or App Store. Riders will need to create an account to use the app after download.

Will my ride on Microtransit be shared?

Depending on other ride requests and the location of the vehicle, your ride may be grouped with other riders headed to similar destinations.

How will I know my ride is on the way?

You can track your ride on the Microtransit app. You will be able to see updates as your ride approaches. If you provide your mobile number in your account, you can also receive text alerts when your ride is on its way.

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What is the average wait time?

The average wait time will vary based on traffic conditions, your location, and demand. A predicted average wait time is 15-30 minutes.

Will the vehicle be wheelchair-accessible?

The Microtransit vehicle holds 12 passengers, and there are two wheelchair spots available on the vehicle. You can indicate the need for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle via the Microtransit app.

Where can I take Microtransit?

Microtransit will pick up and drop off riders anywhere within the designated service area. The service area is based on a more door-to-door coverage of Metro’s current fixed route service area. Don’t forget that Microtransit will make connections with fixed route at the Milan Hy-Vee (or any convenient location along fixed route), so you can extend your trip into Rock Island or Moline.

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Does this service change the Route 40 & Route 70?

Microtransit will be running in addition to regular fixed-route. The service is designed to complement Metro fixed route service and help Milan residents get to destinations throughout their day.

How much does Microtransit cost?

Microtransit has the same fare structure as Metro’s regular fixed route, meaning that the service only cost $1 per ride. Discounted fares are available for honored citizens and prepaid pass holders. Drivers will be unable to make change. Transfers to and from fixed route will be provided and accepted.

How long will Microtransit be running?

On June 10, 2019, Metro began a pilot program for Microtransit service within the Village of Milan, which was scheduled to last until January 3, 2020. The service has since been extended. 

What are Microtransit’s operating hours?

Service hours are Monday - Friday's 7 a.m.- 7p.m. and Saturday's 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Microtransit will not operate on the following holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day, 
  • Labor Day, 
  • Thanksgiving, 
  • Christmas Day, and 
  • New Year’s Day.

Where can I find more information?

For more information on the app, visit Microtransitapp.com. For route information or further assistance, contact MetroLINK to speak with a Customer Service Representative, (309) 788-3360, seven days a week.