How will I know if I’m determined an “eligible rider?”
MetroLINK will inform you of your eligibility status in writing. Determination will be made within 21 days of MetroLINK receiving your completed certification form. Eligible riders will be instructed on how to obtain an eligibility card at that time. Individuals with applications pending will be able to ride paratransit throughout the process.

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1. How will I know if I’m determined an “eligible rider?”
2. What if I’m denied eligibility?
3. Where will paratransit take me and, are my trips prioritized or limited in any way?
4. What are the vehicles like?
5. If I need assistance with packages such as groceries, for example, will the driver help me to the door?
6. If I schedule a ride, will it be possible for the driver to drop me off to run a quick scheduled errand?
7. What if a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) needs to travel with me?
8. May I bring a non-eligible person with me on trips as a guest?
9. Do Davenport CitiBus and Bettendorf Transit offer paratransit?
10. What if I’m a visitor to the region and need to use paratransit services?