Can Metro place a bus shelter at my stop?
Metro has over eighty (80) passenger bus shelters throughout its fixed-route system. We're continually looking for additional shelter locations or places where shelters could be replaced with newer equipment or technology. Riders wishing to request a shelter may submit the Rider Feedback form on our website or call customer service at (309)788-3360.

Please keep in mind several items that Metro will use in determining a shelter location:

1) ADA Accessibility: All new Metro shelters must be placed in ADA-accessible locations, including sidwalks and curb cuts.

2) Property Ownership: Placement of a shelter is dependent upon the public or private property owner allowing Metro to place a bus shelter on their property.

3) Ridership and Surrounding Shelter Locations: In an effort to use our resources as efficiently as possible, Metro evaluates all shelter requests based on ridership at the suggested location and the proximity of existing shelters.

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